Atlanta CPR Courses

Learning the basics of CPR and first aid is easier with the experts at CPR Training Source. Our comprehensive programs are certified by the American Heart Association and use all of the newest and safest methods to help victims in an emergency health crisis. We offer a variety of programs and courses to help you get certified in this lifesaving skill.

More Atlanta families and businesses trust CPR Training Source than any other local first aid course. Why? Because we take our job seriously and understand that every student can make an enormous difference in others’ lives. By enrolling in a CPR course, you are taking the first step to earning your certification and being prepared for whatever emergency may strike.

Classes We Offer

We strive to offer the highest standard in affordability and convenience for our Atlanta clients, which is exactly why we utilize a variety of courses and teaching methods to find a style that matches your learning style. You can choose from any of our great courses, like:

  • Classroom Instruction: Learn basic first aid skills under the supervision of a CPR expert. It only takes a few hours and you can earn your certification the same day. Check our monthly schedule to sign up for one of local courses.
  • Online Courses: Don’t have time for CPR classes? The American Heart Association now accepts online instruction. Sign up through CPR Training Source today.
  • On-Site Training: Does your business want to train its staff in CPR administration? Our instructors can arrive at your place of work to train your employees in proper first aid response.

Sign Up Today!

Learning CPR is an invaluable skill. Not only does it boost your résumé and show employers that you care about safety, but it could save someone’s life. Preparation and preparedness is the best defense for responding appropriately to an emergency situation – and that starts with earning your CPR certification.

To schedule an on-site training session for your Atlanta business, speak with a CPR Training Source representative at (770)-565-2996. For other customers, stop by our convenient Atlanta location for classroom instruction.