5 Life Skills That May Come in Handy

Life, generally speaking, has its ups and downs. Just when everything seems to be going well, life throws us a curveball and forces us to adjust. Because these sudden changes can be wildly unpredictable, it’s important that you develop a diverse skill set to help you deal with any situation that might come your way. Developing a wide range of skills means that you’ll be calm and collected when everyone around you is panicking. Read on to find out five life skills that might come in handy, including how to save lives by enrolling in comprehensive CPR training.

1. Reading a Map

With the invention of GPS and the ubiquity of smart phones, navigation has become something of a lost art. However, technology isn’t always reliable and has a tendency to desert us just when we need it the most. To avoid this pitfall, you should learn how to read a regular map. Navigation skills always come in handy and will ensure that you’ll always know where you’re going, whether your state of the art GPS is working or not.

2. Using Standard Tools

If you’ve ever experienced a maintenance problem in your home, such as clogged plumbing or an air conditioner that conks out on the hottest day of the year, then you know how frustrating it can be having to wait for a repairman to come fix the problem. A life skill everyone should have is the ability to use basic tools—hammers, screw drivers, wrenches—to fix common problems around your home. With a little bit of knowledge, you can fix almost any problem in your house on your own, which means saving money and not having to rely on someone else to fix it for you.

3. Basic Cooking Techniques

With the popularity of television cooking competitions, many people across the country are trying their hands in the kitchen for the first time ever. Although you don’t need to become a world class chef, it’s a good idea to learn some basic cooking techniques. Being able to cook for yourself is not only money saving, it’s also highly rewarding. Knowing that you made your own meal makes the food taste that much better and is a great way to impress your friends and family.

4. Balance Your Check Book

Online banking has completely revolutionized the way we manage our finances. However, online banking is not without its perils, which means a great skill to have is knowing how to balance your check book the old fashioned way. Keeping track of your money with pen and paper may be time consuming, but it’s also immune to hackers and data loss – not to mention being extremely useful in potential disputes with your bank.

5. Get CPR Training

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people experience cardiac episodes and, unfortunately, many people end up losing their lives because they didn’t receive treatment fast enough. Because you never know when you’ll find yourself in a life or death situation, learning CPR is an invaluable life skill. CPR training prepares you for the most stressful situations, and gives you the ability to save lives.

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