The Benefits of Learning CPR

In an increasingly competitive world, it is imperative that you continue to grow both as a person and a work candidate. Most people know that engaging in continuing education and acquiring a wide skill set makes them a more attractive job candidate and well-rounded person, but an equally valuable endeavor that is rarely mentioned is getting trained in CPR. Continue Reading

Why Should I Be Trained in CPR?

In the state of Georgia, many professions require that the employees know basic first-aid and CPR. However, it is a good idea for everyone to have this knowledge, as you could have the need to practice it in real life. Unfortunately, some assume they know how to perform CPR, which could hurt someone without the proper training. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Corporate CPR Training

Having CPR training at your corporate office is always a great idea for so many reasons, from creating a safer workplace to building office morale. Continue Reading

Georgia CPR Statistics

Check out how Atlanta compares to other cities in terms of CPR survival rates? Continue Reading

5 Life Skills That May Come in Handy

Read on to find out five life skills that might come in handy, including how to save lives by enrolling in comprehensive CPR training. Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Learn CPR Training Today!

Keep reading to learn five great reasons to learn CPR today and find out why the only place you should register for CPR training is CPR Training source. Continue Reading