Kennesaw CPR and First Aid Classes

Are you a Kennesaw resident looking for a reliable and trusted way to learn CPR? Look no further than CPR Training Source – your guide to enrolling in a local first aid course and getting your American Heart Association certification in a matter of hours.

For over 15 years, our team has specialized in on-site and classroom CPR training, helping thousands of people learn the basics of this lifesaving skill. Our instructors have a solid foundation as both educators and healthcare specialists, so we bring a unique advantage in helping our students understand the best ways to respond to an emergency situation.

Classes We Offer

What type of instruction best fits your learning style? With several training options, we will help you chose the course that is best for you. Don’t have time to learn? There’s always time to learn CPR and our frequent availability makes it easy to get certified. Choose from any of our great training courses:

  • Online Certification: The American Heart Association (AHA) now accepts online training in their certification standards. Register for an approved web-based program with one of our online product keys.
  • Corporate Training: CPR training is the first step to improving workplace safety. If your business cares about the wellbeing of its staff and patrons, learning first aid response is a great foundation. CPR Training Source will send one of its instructors directly to your place of work.
  • Classroom Instruction: Every week, our team offers a handful of great courses where you can learn CPR, first aid, AED use, and Life Support from one of industry-certified experts. Our office is just a short drive from Kennesaw and we offer tons of courses so you can find a day and time that works for you.

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Getting your CPR certification is as easy as calling CPR Training Source. Whether you are looking for a group training session or simply want to enroll in a weekend course, we have the availability and affordability to help you acquire the knowledge to save lives. Contact us today at (770)-565-2996.