Woodstock CPR and First Aid Training

How can you earn your CPR certification from the American Heart Association (AHA)? It’s as easy as enrolling in a first aid course through CPR Training Source. As an AHA authorized training center, we have years of experience helping Woodstock area residents and businesses understand the basics of emergency health response.

As we all know, CPR is an invaluable skill. No one hopes to be put in a situation where they must use this knowledge, but you should nonetheless be prepared for whatever situation may arise. Because we believe the first aid education is paramount to public safety, CPR Training Source offers the biggest and most convenient selection of training programs to get you certified.

Classes We Offer

First aid education is something that should be convenient for you. Finding a program that fits your schedule is easy with our variety of CPR courses:

  • Classroom Instruction: The CPR Training Source office is located just a short drive from downtown Woodstock. Learn this amazing skill under the supervision of first aid experts.
  • Online Certification: For busy parents and residents, earning your CPR certification can now be accomplished via your computer. Purchase a product key through CPR Training Source for an AHA-certified online product key.
  • Corporate Training: Workplace safety is integral to the modern office and we are here to help. Simply schedule an on-site training program and one of our instructors will help your entire office learn the basics of CPR and first aid.

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We encourage all Woodstock residents to learn this lifesaving skill, because at some point, you will need it. Protect your loved ones, coworkers, and those around you by calling the CPR Training Source team today at (770)-565-2996 to find out more about how you can get certified!