CPR Classes in Atlanta

Are You Considering CPR Classes in Atlanta? 

Learning CPR through CPR Classes in Atlanta is an underrated way of opening up new job opportunities. Many careers require a person to know the basics of first aid and CPR before they can begin working. For example, one cannot be a personal trainer or even a teacher without knowing some first aid basics. Even when the job does not require CPR training, a CPR course does help your resume stand out from others.   As well as opening up job opportunities, there are many other benefits of CPR training. A person who knows life-saving CPR techniques can save a stranger’s life.

Disaster strikes when no one expects it, and ordinary people who know a few tricks can and do save lives in emergencies. Often, an average person’s first aid skills keep a person alive until the medical authorities arrive. If no one present knows how to do CPR, someone may die before an ambulance can reach the scene of the emergency. Parents are encouraged to learn CPR for this reason. Even a person who is neither a parent nor in a career that requires first aid training can still save lives if they the basics of first aid.

The reason for CPR’s effectiveness is that it is capable of restarting a heart that has stopped beating. Once the heart has stopped, it is unlikely to reset itself, and a person will die within five minutes. Five minutes is usually too long for the medical authorities to arrive. The lack of oxygen will destroy the brain during that time, and the victim will not survive. For this reason, ordinary people need to know CPR. Attempting CPR without training may be ineffective or seriously injure the patient. It is not, however, a very skilled technique that should only be used by medical professionals.

Proper CPR technique requires only a few hours of training.  Just as many individuals learn CPR, a corporation can benefit from sending its workers to first aid classes. Training workers in CPR essential for a blue-collar workplace where workers might suffer injuries on the job. It is also useful to train office workers in CPR techniques. Even if there is minimal possibility of workplace injuries, office workers can suddenly experience heart attacks and other life-threatening problems. A company can avoid the legal trouble that can result if a person dies as a result of the lack of first aid training. For this reason, many corporations send their employees to group CPR classes.

Are you considering CPR classes Atlanta? If so, CPR training source is the most trusted and respected CPR training facility in the area. The training provided is of the highest standard and does not skip over any details. The program is entirely in line with the American Heart Association guidelines for CPR training. There are no hidden fees, and our listed price includes everything a person will need to complete and receive accreditation for this course.

As well as training people who are not health professionals, we also offer more advanced programs for trained professionals. The Brenau University, Kennesaw State University, Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service, and Good Samaritan Health Centre are among our corporate customers for CPR Classes in Atlanta. Information about when courses for groups and individuals are available can be found on our website.