Pediatric CPR in Atlanta

Pediatric CPR in Atlanta

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of recreational facility employees, childcare workers, parents, preschool teachers, camp counselors, and daycare professionals, the Pediatric CPR in Atlanta training course teaches the basic first aid, CPR, and AED skills for infants and children. The course is designed to teach you how to effectively respond to and manage injuries and illnesses in a child or an infant until emergency medical services or first responders arrive. It’s also ideal for anyone involved in childcare and need to meet Atlanta’s regulatory training requirements.

The fact that you’re experienced in performing CPR on adults doesn’t mean you can use the same CPR techniques on children and infants. Administering CPR on a child or infant uses different CPR techniques due to their smaller size. It’s, therefore, crucial that you learn how to safely and effectively perform CPR on infants and children from an AHA certified instructor. We offer Pediatric CPR certification through the American Heart Association and we’re committed to making sure you get the right Atlanta CPR training for your profession.

What Does Pediatric CPR Training Cover?

Pediatric CPR and first aid courses aim at equipping childcare workers with the skills needed to recognize an emergency situation and provide very basic care for the child or infant. Childcare workers are supposed to provide this care while waiting for first responders to arrive. It also covers important First Skills such as identifying a medical emergency, stopping bleeding, bandaging; and how to care for stings, minor bites, and minor burns. Our Pediatric CPR Classes in Marietta, GA include infant and child skills with:

·       Defibrillation Demonstration

·       Clearing and Protecting the Airway

·       Checking Responsiveness and helping unresponsive Patients

·       AHS’s “Chain of Survival”

·       Using Protective Barriers

·       CPR for Choking or Cardiac Arrest in children and infants

·       Activating Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

·       Assessing Breathing

·       Scene Safety

Knowing how to effectively care for non-emergency first aid, recognize a serious medical emergency in infants and children, and how you can avoid common mistakes is the goal of the Pediatric CPR training and First Aid Class. Upon successful completion of the Pediatric CPR training course, you’ll receive a certification card, valid for 2 years.

Pediatric CPR classes usually include the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The use of an AED significantly increases a patient’s chances of survival from cardiac arrest. Besides learning how to perform infant CPR, you’ll cover proper AED usage, an interesting portion of the class.

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Pediatric CPR certification through CPR Training Source focuses on scenario-based learning in a relaxed hands-on environment. Our AHA certified instructors will leave you feeling confident in your skills and prepared to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. All our CPR training classes in Atlanta are taught according to the American Heart Association Guidelines.

If you or your organization would like us to come to your Atlanta location for an Online Pediatric CPR class, contact us today! You can also check our CPR class schedule and register for an individual Pediatric CPR training at a time that’s most convenient to you!