Schedule Your CPR Training Classes in Atlanta

CPR Training Atlanta

What is CPR? CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in full. CPR is a form of first aid performed on people who are no longer breathing and whose pulse cannot be detected. CPR is an emergency procedure done to save the life of the person whose heart as stopped beating. If performed on time, that is…

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Looking For CPR Training in Marietta?

CPR Training in Marietta

Looking For CPR Training in Marietta? At CPR Training Source, we provide quality CPR training to individuals, caregivers, and corporations throughout the city of Marietta. Our programs are reviewed and completely guided by the Advisory Council of the American Red Cross. The courses are also time efficient and cost effective to favor people in all…

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Benefits of Corporate CPR Training

BLS Training

Having Corporate CPR Training at your office is always a great idea for so many reasons, from creating a safer workplace to building office morale. These types of courses are cost-effective and will not take up too much of your employees’ time, so the real question is: “Why not do it?” Here’s more on the…

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