A Guide to Infant CPR 

Infant CPR Classes Atlanta

Taking an Infant CPR class and receiving your certification can be a very valuable like skill. You never know when you may be called upon to provided life saving techniques. CPR Training Sufficient oxygen supply to the brain is important as it takes less than eight minutes for permanent damage to occur in case this…

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Going for Pediatric CPR training in Atlanta

Pediatric CPR training in Atlanta

The pediatric CPR training in Atlanta provided by CPR Training Source can equip you with the skills necessary to assist an infant or child in need. This training includes information and make the use of tools and various equipment.  It is important to master these tools as they can cause harm in untrained hands. You…

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PALS Training Course in Marietta ga

PALS Training Course

The PALS Training Course in Marietta GA offered by CPR Training Source is essential to those that works with or near children. Every so often, kids gripe that their “chest hurts”. Obviously, with a grown-up, one would naturally accept “chest pains” implies heart issues. Be that as it may, is this the case with kids’…

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